Person Centred Care Model

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For this assignment I am going to discuss the importance of using a person centred care model for older people in particular. According to the Nursing Management article “Person centred care is a term used to describe the therapeutic relationship between the care providers and the service users and between the care providers themselves” (Manley et al., 2008). This model is really important because it allows both parties know how to treat each other.
Person Centred Care model represents the older person’s experiences, their values, needs and preferences in the planning, coordination and the delivery of the care given by themselves and the healthcare professionals. These are considered the elements of the model. The model’s central part is the
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For example if the older person speaks a different language to the healthcare professional they both would find it extremely difficult to communicate with each other but if they both find common understanding to help prevent misunderstandings. This will make the older person in turn feel more involved in their care. As some older people have been brought up in a different upbringing and traditions they may have old fashioned views on certain aspects of the hospital. For example, a female may not feel comfortable being cared for by a male nurse as they may view it as a ‘woman’s job’. Gender attitudes are varied in all the different cultures and everyone must respect the cultural beliefs to allow them to feel as comfortable as they can while in the hospital. Even if the healthcare professional do not not agree with the beliefs of the older adult they are still required according to their model to respect and acknowledge the beliefs of others and figure out other ways to care for the person if their culture does not allow certain treatments. Respecting beliefs and values is central to the practice of the person centred model (McCormack, 2003). By acting on this element one will automatically feel more comfortable and valued by their healthcare team which will then lead to a better relationship. Older people may…show more content…
If the older person is feeling happy with their provided care then their overall hospital experience would be a lot better and much more satisfying to them. By being friendly to them, whether they are nervous and stressed about being in the hospital or not, the health care will help the older adult feel more at ease. With hospital older people there is a possibility that they are suffering with a dementia and may be very confused. Therefore it is imperative that their care caters for their confusion by helping them to understand and keeping them safe from harm. The simple things like smiling and being friendly to them will help them hugely by being the friendly face to look for in times of need.
In conclusion to this essay on the importance of person centred care on older adults I would like to reiterate the importance of the care model on helping them to feel safe and happy that they are in control of their own care to be provided. This model excellently provides a tool for all the healthcare team so as they can provide the right care for the older
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