Person Centred Counselling

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In this essay, I will show how I have developed as a person, with the aid of regular counselling, process group, regular journaling and triad work within the Person Centered Counselling 1 (PCC1) paper. Using these tools, it has been an intense, rewarding, painful journey from self-discovery to self-acceptance to self-love and I will share a little of that journey. I will show how using the core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence regarding myself has enabled me to become deeply secure. I will discuss this concept within a Christian spirituality context as well as discussing cultural issues relating specifically to the Tiriti O Waitangi. The theory of Person Centered Counselling sounds simple. The counsellor…show more content…
The relationship between counsellor and client is spirit to spirit and not technique based (Rogers, 1980) and I agree that something wonderful happens when I recognise that. Empathy and compassion and the difficulty of experiencing compassion is outlined comprehensively by Pema Chodron. People have a natural aversion to pain therefore when encountered in another it is distressing to stay with them (Chodron, 2001). Opening up to my pain and sitting comfortably with it before I could sit comfortable with another’s pain allows us to relate as equals. The dilemma of having unconditional positive regard (UPR) for a client you experience as difficult is addressed by Purton who says that UPR is sentimentality unless the person is perceived as being a spiritual entity (Thorne, 1998). He says that the essential self of the person is worthy of respect, the fact that they wish to…show more content…
Learning about the client does not quality as definition of that client however expands the possibilities about the client that the counsellor is ready to entertain. The culture of a person is particular to them and the closer I am to that person, the easier it is to glimpse into their world, even if the culture is quite different to mine. Learning about the Tiriti O Waitangi has been a beautiful learning curve and I can genuinely say that I have gained a deeper understanding of how the core conditions mirror the original intentions of the Tiriti - not to colonise a person’s way of life. My sense of culture will be further developed when I work at Hillmorton HIgh School as part of my

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