Personal Accomplishment Analysis

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Everyone has accomplished something at some point in their life. Every person has set goals to accomplish. It’s hard to accomplish every goal, but you can do anything you put your mind to. One huge accomplishment I made was making my high school cheer team. I had set a goal and pushed myself and ended up making it. For starters, I grew up around all my uncles. I never had any interest in cheerleading at all, I thought it was for “girly girls”. I was a soccer player for many years, I liked being like my uncles. I wanted to do what they did. I used to watch cheerleaders on the sidelines at the recreation games. I liked watching them, just not enough to go out there myself. It wasn’t until 8th grade that I grew a interest for it.
It all started when I saw these amazing competitive cheer teams and I just had to try it. I begged my dad to let me try it, and finally he did. I signed up almost immediately. Then I ordered the highest quality cheer shoes; I had to be as good as the cheerleaders I had seen before. Once I started going
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After a few hours, it was my group 's turn to go try out. I went in there and nearly froze. I completely embarrassed myself on the dance we had to perform, but when it came to jumps and tumbling I knew I’d make up for it. In the end, I only messed up on the dance. I was so disappointed after leaving, I thought I could have done better. I could have made it if I just practiced a little more. I had given up all hope. The results were going to be posted later that night, I sat around and nearly forgot about it. Once I remembered, I went to the website as fast as I could and looked at the numbers. Under the JV list was my number. I was in shock for about five seconds. Then I stood up and started screaming, I was so thrilled! I couldn’t believe it, all my hard work had paid off. All the anticipation and worries were for nothing, because in the end I accomplished
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