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My grandfather, one of the last freedom fighters in India, has been a source of inspiration throughout my life. As I embarked on my professional career, he told me, “Do things because you want to do them, but do so more if they need to be done.” These words have shaped my values and contributed to my accomplishments.

My career progress till date has been characterised by choices, which were almost always accompanied by obstacles. Only my drive and perseverance has helped me overcome them in spite of repeated failures. The absence of relevant work opportunity had worked against my will to become an expert in ’green buildings’. But I figured that I can create my own recourse. I found learning opportunities on my own by networking with industry
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To see my classmates in school benefit from it and their appreciation for me gave me immense satisfaction. I believe what Einstein once said – “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. My experience has taught me that in addition to the satisfaction I get, I am really helping myself by improving my understanding on that particular topic. Thus, in professional practice, I share my knowledge and challenges with colleagues. Whenever I am leading a team I ensure that every member gains the highest expertise possible. This strategy had served me well when I was working on an infrastructure project which was being built simultaneously as it was being designed. We were under pressure to finish the design within a strict schedule. But we suffered no delays because everyone was able to work at the same efficient pace and there were no bottlenecks. In addition, by conducting training sessions for the rest of my colleagues and new employees, I have learnt to communicate ideas…show more content…
My current role as an architect does not allow me to influence the choices which will integrate sustainability in the Real Estate market. That’s why I want to transition to a managerial position in the Real Estate industry. As an Asset Manager, and in the long run as a Developer, I will be able to put into practice the sustainability principles that I acquired as an Architect. I will manage and develop Real Estate assets which not only bring financial value but benefit our society and environment. An MBA degree from Mays School of Business will allow me to leverage my understanding of the building process and supplement it with a business skill set, which will be invaluable in my ability to pursue an asset manager role. I look forward to complete the Real Estate specialization offered at Mays and to take advantage of Mays close proximity to the Real Estate Markets of Dallas, Houston and Austin. With the help of the ‘Aggie Real Estate Network’, I can forge long lasting relationship with industry professionals which will help me with my career progression. Moreover, as interest in sustainable and impact investment grows, Mays short curriculum will enable me to quickly get into the market with the right tool set to capitalize on this

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