Aerobic Exercise Reflection

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1/5/18: 1st Meeting with Dick Doke – 12:30 to 2:00pm Today I met with Mr. Doke for the first time. He is a very pleasant 92-year-old male and looks very young for this age. He primary talked about his family today and what events led up to him ending up at Plymouth Place. He and his family are originally from Wisconsin and he was a broker for a very long time. He used to travel long distances across the USA for sales of securities. After this, we talked about what he needed help with. He was reluctant to tell me and took me awhile to get it out of him. His main issue is that he cannot drive due to his vision. He needs someone to drive him around once or twice a week in the winter to get a few things. The other thing we talked about was me bringing in my puppy. We didn’t really discuss exactly how this would benefit him, but we did talk a lot about his dogs. He said he always had dogs and he loved spending…show more content…
If I wan to age successfully, I am going to need to exercise regularly and it needs to be cardiovascular exercise. This is the only exercise which is proven to improve health in later life. Aerobic exercise brings oxygen to you brain as well as reduce depressive symptoms and has many other benefits. Another important aspect to healthy aging is nutrition. If I changed my diet to incorporate calorie restriction, I would prolong my life. This may not be something that I used to prolong my life because I do love to eat. I believe that if I fully restricted my calories to prolong my life I would not have as much enjoyment and happiness. Though this my not be they way I go about it, I believe that if I chose to change my diet slightly I would prolong aging. If I ate healthier food, at least less red meat and sugar, this would improve my overall health (physically and mentally) and attribute to slowing my

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