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1. The results on this personality assessment were fairly accurate. Some facets like morality and cheerfulness are completely accurate with how I perceive myself. I scored high in both facets and the description that was provided describes me very well. However, some facets like adventurousness and anxiety seemed to be inaccurate. I scored low in adventurousness and that seemed inaccurate as I enjoy adventures and to try new things, especially traveling to places I have not been. I scored high in anxiety which was surprising as I am not often fearful or anxious that something bad is going to happen. Besides these few, the rest of the assessment was moderately accurate. I scored lower in some of the facets that I thought I would have scored…show more content…
There are many opportunities for using a personality assessment in an organization. When conducted appropriately, personally assessments can give the individual important feedback so they can learn from the experience and develop from it (Suzanne & Winfred, 2008, P. 682). Therefore, personality assessments can give an individual valuable insight into their personality which can be used to improve their weaknesses through developing activities (Suzanne & Winfred, 2008, P. 682). However, not all individuals respond to feedback in the same manner and this can be affected by the traits that are discovered on a personality assessment. Individuals who have high scores in agreeableness, extroversion, and emotional stability tend to have a higher acceptance rate of the feedback they receive (Suzanne & Winfred, 2008, P. 686). Extraversion people are sociable and assertive which could lead to the ease of accepting feedback that they possess. While emotionally stable individuals are adept to accepting feedback in a calm manner as they are more likely to have a positive view of the assessment in general. Agreeableness incorporates being trustworthy and cooperative which could explain why it is a trait seen in accepting feedback. There has not been any conclusive evidence that supports if having a high score in openness to experience or conscientiousness will result in a positive correlation of positively accepting feedback though (Suzanne & Winfred, 2008, P. 686). By knowing the categories that employees are high and low in could assist the organization in determining the best method for giving feedback or guidance. It could also be used to tailor the way that the feedback is given to have a positive reaction. A personality assessment would provide valuable insights into the employee and could be used in determining groups of coworkers. Too many people who score high in extroversion might not be able to complete the task as they all wish to be sociable, while too many
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