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I did not choose a career in Health Information Management (HIM). Health Information Management chose me. Although it was not my first love, HIM is my true love. My extreme desire to study HIM to become a medical auditor is not just another degree or temporary lust, it’s my life. Despite being accidental, I believe my background, passion, and skill sets will enable me to pursue a graduate certificate in Health Information Management to become an effective medical auditor.
My journey into the field of Health Information Management was not planned, instead a result of life throwing a curveball. At the age of sixteen, I was fortunate to be selected as part of a Summer Program
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I accomplished everything I sought out to do at the American Cancer Society, so I resigned. For the first time in years, I was unemployed. A month into my unemployment, I received a called from a local laboratory stating I owed almost $1,800 for a lab tests for my annual. At the time I had insurance and paid my deductible so I was shocked and confused as to why I owed the bill. I was stressed since I am now unemployed and money was tight so I decided to call the Biller at the laboratory. The insurance company did not want to pay for basic annual physical exam testing. After speaking to the Biller at the Laboratory, she explained to me the insurance company has not only done this to me, but many others. Something inside of me refused to accept what I was hearing so I filed a complaint at my local Insurance Commissioner’s…show more content…
However, it became my true love. For the first time in my life, I really enjoyed coming am here now and want to take the opportunity to learn as much as I to become a medical auditor. This is why pursing a graduate certification from your institution matters.
An unpaid claim may have been the catalyst to how I fell in love with Health Information Management (HIM), but my passion is my driving force to pursue HIM. My passion has always been the ex-factor for me in everything I do. Generally speaking, if I love something I try to give it my all despite how hard it maybe for me to attain. My desire to become a medical auditor is to be a part of the solution not the problem. I believe patients are entitled to efficient and quality healthcare. I have witnessed first-hand what errors and incorrect diagnoses can do. While working at the American Cancer Society, I witness too many patients with errors on their pathology reports. Errors such incorrect addresses, spelling error on patient’s name and wrong diagnoses codes. Many times these errors lead to delay and higher cost for the already suffering patient. It was heartbreaking to witness this and to know that I could not do anything about it. Having discovered HIM, I believe I can make a difference by becoming a medical

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