Personal Assignment: Personal Development Skills To Professional Development

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This assignment will highlight personal development skills which will lead me towards professional development. During this assignment it will focus on personal and professional skills which are required for organization success and in the first task, my own learning style is identified and it is integrated with lifelong learning styles and sources of information. My future job, my strengths and weaknesses, and personal development plan are identified to achieve above mentioned primary objective. In the second task, problems, effective communication and time management are discussed since those areas are very important for career development. And also personal audit will be carried out to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet the current…show more content…
Working in a team or society it gains various kinds of knowledge. In my personal life those knowledge help me greatly. To improve my presentation skills and negotiation skills it also comes to help to share my knowledge with others. To correct my mistakes SML also helps because with the help of it I can consider my mistakes and as a result I am able to make suitable decision. For improving my innovation and writing skill SML also helps. For learning new things it also helps me. It gives learner a larger liberty of…show more content…
To discover motivated, confident person it supports an organization. It helps minimizing the matter of transfer of learning in an organization. SML is also compatible with conventional training programs. Minimal expense is needed to implement it. SML can be carried out regularly as a basic component of everyday’s working activity. It makes more responsibility on the individuals to empower themselves and take the initiative in planning their own personal development. 4. Current Skills and Competencies against to an Organizational Objectives I choose a bank as my organization to evaluate my skills and competencies. Organizational Objectives:- • Increase number of corporate accounts to 200 per month by the end of the year. • Increase total value of commercial loans to 20,000,000 by the end of the quarter. • Reduce employee turnover by 10% by offering a career development and training program by July. • Improve customer service scores 15% in every branch by year-end • Decrease number of customer complaints to 20 per month by instituting a quality control process for customer data management by the end of the quarter. Skills and Competencies that I possess at present • Teamwork Skills • Planning and Organizing Skills • Listening Skills • Problem Solving Skills • Interpersonal Skills • Leadership Skills 5. Development Needs and the
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