Project Management Personal Statement

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Personal Statement
“ Professional skills is the basic requirement for you to survive; but if you would like to step further, you should learn how to be qualified manager, or at least, you should become a engineer with good manage capacity.” That is the words my line manager told me at a construction site during my first internship. At present, the elaborate labor division have set invisible barriers between each industries, especially in the construction filed, which requires a higher level of cooperation when dealing with complex construction tasks. Therefore, the Project Management, which can provide me with the advanced management skills, is the ideal program for me.
It was during my experience at the Street Dancing Club that I discovered
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Its old-fashioned management system is no longer suitable for the modern construction industry. The United Kingdom possesses the world leading project management technology, is the best place for me to pursue a higher level of education. Its informationalized project system, well-rounded project quantities evaluation system and the high qualification requirement for project managers, will equip me with sufficient academic background to fulfill my career goal. With a master degree in project management, I plan to spend three years at the construction site to polish up my professional skills of engineering and construction. Then, I will combine my project management knowledge with practical application, and get familiar with the process of construction management in the following two years. For the sixth year after graduation, I plan to process to a senior engineer with the ability to handle a large engineering project, and get the Registered Qualification Certificate of Constructor. For the eighth years, I will seek for a general manager position of a large construction and erection enterprises. XXX University enjoys world-class faculty, attracting research programs, earnest teachers and active academic atmosphere. I hope that I could take XXX master program here and focus on a certain field. It is the best choice for me to further my

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