Assignment: My Personal Experience With Crisis

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Assignment 1.1 Your Personal Experience with Crisis The Crisis When I just moved to Lethbridge to be a student at the college, I knew no one in the city and was living with a lady away from the college. Relying on public transportation and having no friends or family hit me hard. For the first time I was along. In my second week I managed to make some friends and one of them offered me to move to his place as he had a big house that his parents bought. I thought that it would be a good idea as I already spent a lot of time at his place and we got along. The moment I moved to my friend’s place everything changed. All his organization and maturity had disappeared, and he became a difficult person to live with. We were buying food individually…show more content…
While I talked with him about my need for some quite nights and my displease with some of his behaviors, he never disagreed with what I said but continued to act in his own way. At some point I could not take that behavior anymore as it always became worse and worse. The behaviour of the…show more content…
Because of my new situation of being alone for the first time in my life, I felt lost and looked for support from other people. I saw that moving to a friend’s place would satisfy me needs but it made my situation worse. Being a shy person, it was hard for me to approach and express my disagreements with my roommate, but this experience made me someone different about future situations as those. Nowadays if I need to express myself or need to say anything, I will say it. I still am me, but I am more open to deal with conflicts head on instead of accepting them. Learning From analyzing my crisis, I learned that even though it was an experience I did not want to have, it provided me an opportunity to challenge myself and go head on with something I disagree. It opened my eyes that I learn and grow from experience and by approaching different situation instead of avoiding them or relying on someone else. Because of this, I try to approach more situations and deal with them by myself, if possible, so that I would learn how to deal with situations as these with more ease and professional

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