Personal Carbon Footprint Assessment

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Personal Carbon Footprint Assessment
Intended application
This assessment aims to calculate the personal carbon footprint using a suitable method which covers a reasonable amount of personal activity and takes into consideration most of the GHGs.The content of this assessment can be used to infer the effects of normal day to day activities of an individual that may directly or indirectly contribute to global warming and the obtained total carbon footprint value can be compared with average footprint values around the world. The result obtained can be used by EPAs to find hotspots and accordingly try to offset it.
In the recent years, organizations and companies have heavily focused on the environmental impacts of its activities, hence
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There are a lot of online carbon footprint calculators. Every calculator had a few pros and cons. On the basis of comparing and taking into account many factors, the calculator provided by turned out to be a good fit.
Pros of calculator provided by
• Most of the day to day activities are considered by the calculator, which includes household, transport, lifestyle, etc.
• The calculator is country specific; hence it considers different factors which are valid for the specific country.
• It considers all green house gases i.e. CO2, N2O, Methane, etc released by the activities.
• The calculator uses conversion factors sourced from credible sources like EPA (USA), DEFRA (UK), Green House Office (Australia), Standards Association GHG Registries (Canada).
• Data required for the calculations can be easily procured .Specific data can be entered, hence eliminating chances of guess work.
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Secondary-Expenditure (Food and Drinks, Clothes and Shoes, Paper based products, Education, etc.)
The data was entered with the constraints being- Time frame (12 months) and Country (India).
The following results were obtained
The total personal carbon footprint is measured in tonnes of C02 equivalent per year. The total carbon footprint obtained was 2.59 metric tonnes of CO2e.The emissions can be broken down in terms of the activity as shown in the below figure 1. Fig.1 Personal Carbon footprint breakdown for 1 year (India)(unit- metric tonne of CO2e)
The above figure shows that emission due to flights contributed the most to the total carbon footprint. It is followed closely by Secondary activities which consists variety of lifestyle activities.
The following fig2 is the calculated personal carbon footprint representation which is being compared to country average and world target.

Fig.2 Footprint Comparison
The average footprint for the people in India is 1.59 metric tonnes of CO2e and the worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 metric tonnes of

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