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Why are you planning to attend Oakton? Include your educational goals/career interests/professional aspirations and your plans to meet these goals.
I am planning to attend Oakton because having known my financial situation for some time now, going to community college is the best choice for me. This is especially thinking in the long run. My goals at Oakton are to graduate with a 3.5 or above GPA and to take courses to help me get my general education out of the way which will allow me to focus more on the classes that I need in order to succeed in my major and to help increase my understanding with the job I hope to pursue. To be more specific, my career goals are to study business and accounting and then work for some sort of corporation
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My father has been unemployed and is struggling to find a stable and well paying job to support our family. My mother is the only source of stable income we have had. She works two jobs at a hospital and is constantly working over time so I rarely see her. My mother is also the reason why I was able to apply for the current semester I'm in at Oakton. We're currently struggling with mortgage payments and since my parents have not been able to pay for our mortgage for the past few months, the house is going into foreclosure. On top of this, both of my parents credit has dropped greatly due to debts that were needed to placed on their cards, for example, my tuition for this semester, on top of that, they are also currently paying off 2 different vehicles. I work a job at Oakton in the 1830's computer lab, however, it's only enough money for me to support myself and my two dogs. I get paid under minimum wage while working part time and while also going to school. This scholarship would help greatly because it would take off a lot of stress from not only my shoulders, but my parents shoulders when it comes to paying for tuition. With everyday being struggle to get through, this scholarship would ease the constant stress of not knowing whether or not I can afford to attend another…show more content…
I wanted to start off small and then slowly ease myself into more and more groups and potential employment positions without having to overwhelm myself right away. By doing this, it's really helped me to time manage and balance out my time spent with school, work, hobbies, and my social life. My current job at Oakton has also really helped me improve my social skills. It has taught me how to provide a welcoming work space, and it has taught me to make myself much more approachable. As someone who was a very quiet and in a sense, socially inept person, it's taught me to be more open and welcoming and it's really impacted my life outside of school. My previous job involved me being a porter for The Volkswagen Autobarn. Working here really taught me the value of a dollar. It taught me how to really save my money for the necessities and to try and avoid spending it all in one place. Especially because it was money that I worked for. It taught me to appreciate hard work while also setting goals such as my work experience to improve my my finances and goals such as creating connections with the people I worked with, worked for, and customers that I would meet. I have also done an internship for John McCain where I would make around 500 phone calls a week to gain support for John

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