Personal Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy

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2.6.3 Personal causes of teenage pregnancy The use of drugs and alcohol According to psychiatry researchers in Washington University School, teenagers who smoke, drink, and or use drugs are more likely to get pregnant than those who do not (Dryden, 2011). The use of drugs and alcohol usually learnt from peers, parents and the society apart from the psychological aspect may also render teen girls defenseless against irresponsible adults trying to take advantage of them. The use of drugs too may lead to the teens making bad decision to have sex because they are drunk (Bempech, 2016). Lack of knowledge, discipline, and control Teenagers who are uneducated both formally and informally about sex makes them vulnerable to premarital sex that can lead…show more content…
Curiosity and adolescent sexual behavior During adolescence teenagers tend to exhibit certain behaviours (such as being attracted to each other, and the interest to explore the much hyped topics of sex) that needs the help of parents or guardians to control (Speedyremedies, 2010). The outburst of sex in the media has made youngsters more mindful about it than their folks or grandparents were. This stimulates their sex drive, making them curious and desperate to have sex leading to pregnancy (Anand, 2012). 2.7 EFFECTS OF TEENAGE PREGNANCY Teenage pregnancy is one of recent societies nastiest that is quite a drastic situation and nations, created, and immature, consider adolescent pregnancy a social disgrace (Saha, 2016). Being pregnant, carrying a baby and becoming a Mom does not only create physical changes (Nall, 2016). It brings about issues that affect the individual, her family and the society as a…show more content…
When this happens most of them gets their job requests rejected because their low level of education (Lai, 2014). This then results in the destruction of their future career, dreams and aspiration. This then increases the unemployment rate in the country and also increases the chances of their children repeating the same issue since the teen mothers will not have any solid financial support for their children's education. Psychological and emotional effects. According to a research article written by Rachel Nall and medically reviewed by Katie Mena, MD, teen mothers might encounter a number of psychological and emotional issues including postpartum depression, baby blues, and all sort of stress. Pregnant and delivered teens may have panic attacks, anxiety, overwhelming fatigue and difficulties in bonding with their babies. The research also shows that pregnant teens or teen mothers may pass through some emotional difficulties that may attempt to harm their babies, cause abortion, and even leave family homes (Nall, 2016). 2.8 PREVENTION OF TEENAGE

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