Personal Characteristics Of A Self-Directed Learner

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A self-directed learner is characterized by personal characteristics that traditional students may not. The self-directed learner is determined to achieve their academic and professional goals by any means necessary. They are a proactive individual that is prepared to address any obstacle that may arise along the process; a person capable of understanding and viewing problems from the perspective that a challenge is an opportunity for personal betterment. They are known for personal accountability for all actions and outcomes. They understand that consequences are the sole reflection of the past actions, attitude, and self-application. A self-directed learner is an individual with outstanding time management, self-discipline, and self-confidence, such that they are capable of setting their own plans of action to address responsibilities and exceed expectations. A self-directed learner takes initiative in every aspect of their academic and professional path and does not have to wait to be told what to do. An intrinsically motivated learner accepts every learning opportunity, seeing it as a path of positive progress in life. They find their work interesting and enjoyable, considering it an opportunity for personal growth and advancement. They are a goal-oriented and problem solver, gaining satisfaction from overcoming barriers. They display an ever-present readiness to embrace any situation that may arise, always ready and happy to explore and learn new information. An
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