Personal Characteristics Of Self-Directed Students

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A self-directed learner is characterized by personal characteristics that traditional students may not. The self-directed learner is determined to achieve their academic and professional goals by any means necessary. They are a proactive individual that is prepared to address any obstacle that may arise along the process; a person capable of understanding and viewing problems from the perspective that a challenge is an opportunity for personal betterment. They are known for personal accountability for all actions and outcomes. They understand that consequences are the sole reflection of the past actions, attitude, and self-application. A self-directed learner is an individual with outstanding time management, self-discipline, and self-confidence,…show more content…
Prioritization skills are necessary to effectively manage and balance academic, professional and personal obligations. In my experience, poor prioritization results in unnecessary emotional stress and decreased the quality of performance.

3. Plan at least 5 strategies for personal growth and explain how you will implement your plan. STRATEGIES FOR PERSONAL GROWTH

1) Be present, take action, and commit to my future success. By this I mean to plan ahead, involve myself in the learning process, and commit myself to use my time wisely, remaining completely focused on achieving my goals.

2) Dedicate my time and energy to absorbing as much information as I can. By this, I mean to dedicate the appropriate time to complete my weekly assignments and to review the weekly modules for better understanding.

3) Organize and prioritize tasks to avoid rushing last minute to complete my weekly assignments. By this I mean to plan far ahead, to invest adequate time an attention, to be able to contribute high-quality work.

4) Interact and help my peers to achieve their goals. By this I mean to be open and ready to work along with my peers throughout the academic term. Take advantage of the educational and cultural exchange in order to expand and grow my
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I believe in the power of writing down my self-expectations, creating a connection between my pen, paper, and mind, fostering a sense of importance and belonging. This motivates me to keep moving forward every day, to achieve my goals by any necessary means. I am also a competitive and disciplined individual. I will use this to my advantage, to complete a weekly review of my progress, enabling myself to address and modify my plan of action as necessary. My parents taught me the value and the importance of hard work. I believe that the only way to achieve your goals is by working hard and consistently every

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