Entrepreneurial Qualities

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An entrepreneur is defined as a person who is a business founder, owner and manager and the main goal is to grow. Personality is the nature of the entrepreneur, will affect his interaction with the environment. Personality is a personal difference, influenced by personal development, such as values, attitudes, conduct, social relations, way of thinking, habits and skills. The followings are personal characteristics of entrepreneurs which is self-confidence, willingness to take risk, Type “A” and Type “B” personalities, proactive and locus of control.

Self-confidence is a sense of trust in someone or something. Confident people will no doubt themselves. This is usually a positive word, for example you can be confident, not arrogant, arrogant
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Entrepreneurs are willing to face high risk and are willing to make quick decisions and decisions with less information when needed. Entrepreneurs know that the chance of their adventure is a big success. Business owners must know when to seek loans, when to expand, and when to brave a steady salary, is conducive to self-employment, and how to determine the potential benefits of adventure. They must balance and over-risk may damage the business and its owners ' credit, financial and personal life. For example, the opening of a second store, other business owners dare to open, you can use a loyal customer base to repay. Obtaining a loan allows an entrepreneur to have the necessary start-up capital to finance his business. Business risk can drive business development. They can gain the reputation of having an entrepreneur who knows how to make the best decisions and accurate business evaluations. For example, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is an proactive entrepreneur, he is a founder of develop Genting Highland. He completed the passage within three years, faster than originally planned for six years. Even if he spent all his savings, time and resources to transfer Gunung ulu kali to Genting Highlands, it was a tourist attraction. He not only builds an access road, but also the development of hotels, entertainment centers and golf courses. In 1969, the government approved the Genting first casino license. He…show more content…
Take the initiative to "create or control a situation that makes things happen rather than reacts after things happen." This is an important skill in the entrepreneurial world. The benefits associated with initiative to avoid the pressure of the situation. The pressure on you and your business is as small as possible. Stress is directly related to our health, so you can be more proactive in increasing your overall health. You will also have more time to explore other aspects of your life that are good for your health. You will have a higher level of control over your business and overall life. This will make work and life more balanced. Proactive behavior has three main features, there are anticipatory, changes oriented and self initiated. Anticipatory involves dealing with the situation in the future, not just the reaction. For example, the nurse in this example has taken into account the expectations of the doctor. Change oriented is control and cause something to happen, not just to adapt to a situation or wait for something to happen. The production operator controls the change of the machine. Self initiated means that individuals do not need to be asked to take action, nor do they need detailed instructions. For example, the new management consultant in this example did not wait for feedback, but instead
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