Personal Characteristics Of Leadership: My Personality In Leadership

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Some people think leadership is guiding and control others to complete tasks. On other hand, it motivates the people and influence them to do tasks effectively. Leadership can affect on productivity and communication. Leadership direct and influence on employee morale. Democratic leaders are open with employees. They influence others and share information with others. On the other hand, the autocratic are close. They do what they want. They do not share ideas with members. In this essay, I will talk about my personality in leadership. Mayrs briggs type indicators is INFJ.
My primary mode of living is focus internally. I take things in primarily by intuition that means dealing with things by how I feel with them. Alternatively, how they fit with my personality value. INFJ is caring, complex, and highly intuitive individuals. I live in world of hidden possibilities and meaning. INFJ is the rarest type in the world. It has only one percent of the population. I always put a lot of my energy into identifying the best system to get things done. I always order my priorities in my live. However, I operate within myself on an intuitive basis that is entirely spontaneous. I know things intuitively, without detailed knowledge of the subject. I always see myself as the intense and perfectionist type. I wish to believe that I have deep insights in both others and myself. I have strong feeling about there being a problem with closer people. I share only that I want to share. I am deep and
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