Personal Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

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Many people list the personal characteristics that are needed for successful entrepreneurs. Thus, according to Surridge and Gillespie (2012), “have defined the term successful entrepreneurs as someone who is prepared to work very hard, especially in the initial stages of setting up the business” (p. 7). Cynthia (2009), “explained entrepreneurs as people who own, operate and take risks of a business venture”. There many characteristics that successful entrepreneur should have in order to start up and operate the business. If you are willing to be an entrepreneur here are characteristics that an entrepreneur should have. An entrepreneur should have self-confident, creativity, able to tolerate the risks, aware of one’s limitations and entrepreneurs…show more content…
Entrepreneurs should think critically in order to come up with new ways on how to operate their businesses. Being an entrepreneur, you will be facing many challenges and you should be able to with them. For instance customers may not like your products or service you offered, so you should be able to cope with this. You should have some ways of how you will make people start liking your products or service by modifying your products, adding value and able to produce differentiate products unlike for your competitors, because of this you will attract more customers. An entrepreneur is able to promote his business in different ways apart from his competitors. For instance if your competitors use to advertise their business by using radios and TV then you should try to advertise yours through internet for example on Facebook, My space and Twitter and this will helpful, because nowadays majority of people prefer using the internet. In addition your products or business will be known by many people around the…show more content…
So according to Manalo and Calaguas (2015) said “that successful entrepreneurs are aware of one’s limitations”. If you are not aware of one’s limitations you cannot be a successful entrepreneur, because some people can easily limit an entrepreneur to go ahead with his or her business. People can limit an entrepreneur by discourage him that nobody will buy from his business, because there are many competitors and many people do not like his products or the type of his business. So, because entrepreneurs are aware of one’s limitations nobody can limit them, because they know their many objectives to set up the business and on the other hand they do not depend on someone’s ideas.
Successful entrepreneurs are very hardworking people. According to Kiyimba (2017), “being a hard worker is another characteristics of successful entrepreneurs”. Successful entrepreneurs spend a lot of time, energy and some resources in order to make their businesses successful. They spend a lot of time making all decisions. They do not sleep as other people, because they making plans. Entrepreneurs run their businesses efficiently by always look out for new technology, so they spend a lot of their time and energy to look for new

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