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It is normal for a person these days to have one or more personal computers. However, have you ever wonder why the personal computers would change the lifestyle of people? The personal computer was a game changing product because of the innovation in the user-interface, the keen competitions among technology companies and the rise of software companies. These reasons will be discussed in this essay.

The personal computers totally altered people’s life as the user-friendly layout of personal computers enabled the public to use different kinds of software easily. Computers were originally designed to do complex calculations and required users to be expert in programming, such as the Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer that
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According to the article wrote by Yarrow in 2012, after the thriving success of Macintosh, IBM tried to mimic the success of Apple so IBM cooperated with Microsoft to design their personal computers. IBM provided the hardware while Microsoft provided the operation system of the new computer. The new IBM personal computer resulted in a great success as IBM put lots of efforts on advertising IBM’s personal computers, which created the awareness about personal computer among customers. On the other hand, IBM allowed Microsoft to sell the operation system to other technology companies. (Yarow, 2012) Therefore other technology companies could produce their own personal computers easily, leading to a massive competition in the personal computer market. Since then different types of computers had been available on the market, be it cheap, expensive, effective or less effective one, allowing customer to pick one that was suitable for their own needs. The sales of the personal computers were boosted and many people could have their own personal computers. Therefore, the keen competition among technology companies was one of the conditions for personal computer to be a game changing…show more content…
Therefore, a long lasting impact was generated by the combination of personal computers and different applications. With the increase in number of people using personal computers, the software companies could generate more sales than before as they only worked with government or large companies previously. For example, a successful software before personal computer was invented usually only sold 1000 units for $50000-$60000, but after the invention of personal computer, the software could generate thousands of units of the software sales with $50-700 each. (Caruso, 1984) Therefore more fund was provided for the development of new software to provide users with better experience. Now, the use of different software is inevitable in life as the applications are so useful in many aspects of life. For example, Microsoft Office is a set of applications that designed for the use of work or study as many presentations in workplaces require the use of PowerPoint and many students use Words to take notes when they are attending classes. Another example is Chrome, which is a web browser that allow users to have the access of millions of websites in the world. To sum up, the invention of personal computers provided a platform for software companies to fully developed and thus improved people quality of life
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