Personal Construct Theory

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Applications of Personal Construct Theory There are certain aspects that Kelly has looked at it in terms of his personal construct theory. He looked at in from the point of view of abnormal development, approach to psychotherapy and the Role Construct Repertory (Rep) Test. Abnormal development means to the person who psychologically unhealthy. The differences between the psychologically healthy and psychologically unhealthy determined by the way of both of them construe their event and validate their personal construct. For the people who psychologically healthy, they will validate the new personal construct in the following ways. They test the reasonable assumption, accept the truth without denial or distortion, and they willing to change…show more content…
Therefore, he used the therapy so called fixed-role therapy to altering the client’s personal construct. In the process of the fixed-role therapy, client was asked to write a self-characterization. Then, the therapist will develop a new character to the client which they found it plausible and asked them to enact it. The new character that therapist has designed is not a completed opposite of the client but its aim to introduce the new construct to their existing construct. During the enactment period, therapist will assist and encourage the client to become the new character. The therapist focusing on the situation where the client would likely to encounter and keep rehearses the role. The therapy is not aim to solve the specific problem but is allow clients to gradually discover their hidden aspect of themselves. After them successfully introduced the first new role, and get used to the minor changes of his personal construct, then they will maybe try out the different role that permit more profound personality…show more content…
People interpret the events that have happened and explaining it. Based on it, people tend to predict the future’s outcome. So, he believed that people live in the present and have one eye on the future. However this view is fails to consider the developmental and cultural influences on the personality. On the other hand, the Kelly’s personal construct theory received a moderate to strong rating on the amount of research it has generated. There are sizable studies has been generated because of the Rep test, especially in Great Britain. Moreover, Kelly proposed of the basic postulate and the eleven supporting corollaries don’t lend itself easily either verification or falsification. Therefore, people rate the personal construct theory having the low rate of falsification. Plus, people also question about the Kelly’s theory if it is organize knowledge about human behavior, people think the theory quite low at that. This is because Kelly’s theory only looks at the people’s current perception to help organize the knowledge but avoid the possibility of the other such as the developmental and cultural influences on the
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