Personal Crisis In My Life

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The personal crisis that I have most recently experienced was one that almost had life changing effects due to the way things happened throughout. My crisis began by me making choices that were not thought through enough to see the consequences that may come from my actions. These actions began the crisis cycle by taking me from my rationalized thoughts to making choices that were not financially and educationally smart. From making those actions I now found myself in phase two of the crisis cycle. The actions I chose to make, started to sink in to me that I may have made the wrong choice, which began to make me upset and then progress into anxiety and stress. Once I began to have stress and anxiety, I started to lose control with myself and…show more content…
The first thing was that I had just recently bought a new car, which was more of an impulse buy than a well thought about purchase. Just before I bought my new vehicle I had an older truck that was mechanically sound and fully paid off. After about a week of owning my new car I started to see that the smarter thing to do would have been to keep my truck and drive it until I have found another job after college. Now that I noticed I made the wrong choice, I started to feel upset which made a drastic change in my school life. I started to feel sick and was unable to attend class, I was finding it hard to get my homework done in school, and everything started to feel like it was falling apart. The Behavior of the ParticipantsThe emotions that I was found to be displaying was sadness and anger. The sadness came from my poor choice to buy a new car fully knowing that I did not need to buy a new one. The anger also came from that choice as well. The anxiety I was presenting was rooted from the amount of school work I had due within the next week, which I was finding hard to do because I was not thinking clearly at all. The stress came from a combination of things, it came from me not getting my school work done, it came from me thinking I won’t have enough money to pay for my monthly bills, and finally it also came from me having to work, go to school and manage to get school work done. The behaviors that I seen being displayed by the friend I was talking to was a lot of helpfulness, kindness, and supportiveness.The Resolution
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