Leadership In Henry Nouwen's In The Name Of Jesus

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Leadership has so many different definitions, some more specific than others, but all of them reflect many important aspects of what it means to be a leader. The complexity of defining leadership shows that it is an open practice and it is formed by personal experiences. It is open and personal because it is subject to change from one person to another, it can be built with the time and there is not a magical formula or characteristics to be a perfect leader. Throughout the class, we have seen various concepts developed by some experts about leadership. Many of those definitions can add to each other and help people to build on their personal definition and it can translate to a better exercise of leadership. Henry Nouwen defines leadership in a Christian scope in his book “In the Name of Jesus”. He shows the most common problems that a leader can face when he turns away from God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit and relies solely on himself. Thus, he writes about the example of Jesus as the perfect leader and the ways he used to overcome all these problems and temptations. Nouwen sees leadership not as an individual task, but as a community matter. He emphasizes the…show more content…
I love helping and serving others, but at the same time, I enjoy learning many new things from them. I enjoy taking the initiative on new projects or challenges. I try to be always present when someone needs anything and I use my strength to help them develop theirs. At the same time, I always keep in mind that any kind of leadership position needs to be done always with God’s guidance and help. If we try to do everything by our own means, we will reach a point where we will realize that is exhausting and impossible, and the results are not as good as we expect. Instead, leaning on God, helps a leader to give a true meaning to the
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