Personal Descriptivetive: Personal Narrative

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Personal narrative

I remember that day better than I remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. I woke up like any other day at 7, except it wasn 't any other day, it would be the first day of School for me in an American school. I was partly excited, partly nervous. I had put on an outfit that my mom told me to put on. When my brother and cousin were both read we all made our way to the bus stop with our parents. As soon as I sat down I felt nauseous, back home I used to get really bad motion sickness from buses. I immediately started a conversation with my cousin to help distract me.

My cousin helped me get to my class and soon left to go on her own. I entered and the teacher immediately greeted me, she knew I couldn 't speak English so she led me to my assigned chair and said something which I didn 't understand but I still smiled and nodded. I was sitting in one chair that was grouped together with three other, all around the room they were all like that. Soon more and more kids started coming in and the chairs that surrounded me were filled in. Next to me was a girl with blonde hair, across from her was a boy with brown hair, and next to him was another boy with darker brown hair. They were talking among themselves and they tried to get me to join but I count contribute so I just turned my attention towards the front of the classroom where the class was beginning.

After about four hours we all got lined up according to last names and silently headed to the

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