Personal Development Assignment

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Learn Something New Today and Everyday

Not so long ago, when you wanted to learn something new it meant spending a couple of days/nights a week in school, or spending hours at the local library during research. Today; access to new information to help you grow personally and professionally is right at your fingertips. If you have a smartphone or access to an Internet connection, you can learn anything that you want to know!

Here’s the real benefit to learning new skills: (1) Learning boosts your self-confidence by increasing your knowledge base, (2) it makes you more interesting to be around, and (3) it keeps your mind curious and open to new ideas.

Get motivated and invest in you! Challenge yourself to learn something new every day. It
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Think of change as a continuum. On the continuum, plot where you are right now to where you want to be. Think: What changes will you make to bridge the gap? Think: What is your plan of attack?

Answer the questions below under Career Moves and Personal Development; then craft a plan for each to get you closer to your desired state. It is difficult to work on both simultaneously. Choose the area where you believe you need the most work and start there.

Career Moves

1. Is my career stagnant?
2. Am I doing the kind of work that I enjoy?
3. What skills in my current job can be useful in the job that I really want?
4. Am I competitive in my career field?
5. When was my last promotion? –– Bonus? –– Workplace perk?

Personal Development

1. What do I want to change in my life?
2. What makes me happy and fulfilled?
3. What am I not doing?
4. What can I do better?
5. What do I need to start/stop doing right this minute and
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For example, on the job, if you diligently apply yourself to the task at hand, you demonstrate leadership attributes by following the job through to completion. Similarly, if you are part of a project team, pull your weight while giving credit to and encouraging others, you are also showing leadership characteristics. If you admit your mistakes, take ownership for them, and correct them, you will continue to show leadership ability. Workers with leadership skills are often rewarded by their employers through advancement opportunities within the
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