Personal Development In Education

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The rectors tended to soften their stance on the qualifications and research experience of the teachers in their universities and explained, “we admit and facing a shortage of well-qualified and research experienced teachers and few teachers needed further training in order to upgrade their experience and qualifications”(UBR2,18/6/2015) and as higher education institutes are the main supplier of qualified, skilled and talented human resource for the social development to any country (Lowe, 2002). In terms of professional teaching, the rectors also agreed that most teachers, especially old ones, still used the traditional method of teaching while younger teachers who had been educated overseas tended to use the student-centered activities.
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The value of teaching and learning is associated with the experience of an improvement in understanding or knowing. In this study, personal development was strongly associated with the evolution of one’s ways of thinking, seeing and doing things. In turn, such evolution was described as becoming intellectual and knowledgeable. Further discussion revealed that development embraced improvement in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes, and becoming empowered as the self-manager of one’s development and that these explained quality in teaching and learning (Harvey & Green, 1993; Harvey & Knight, 1996). Importantly, learning is expected to empower students not solely as customers in the education process, but for life through the ability to live and work in the knowledge…show more content…
This conception focused on teaching as enabling students to develop and become confident. The capability to reflect on their own and others thinking and relate ideas to compete in global market, perform well on the work in various locations. It was strongly implied that the world of work was highly competitive and the students looked forward to learning in higher education as preparation (to increase the opportunity) to obtain a better position in a competitive world.
5.6.4. Preparation for University Education
The category of preparation for university education has been analyzed through the issues of knowledge comes from teacher, teachers’ dependent and teachers’ time most effective. These issues generate the aspects of reliance and dependence which are critical for university education. In this category it has been analyzed that students should develop their knowledge by reading books and prepare themselves that how learning take place at universities’ education.
The applying of technological application, promoting the culture of reading enhances the learning and adds value to the student teachers interactive sessions in the process of teaching and learning. According to analysis the success of quality teaching and learning, its implementation depends on its acceptance by students and
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