Importance Of Diversity In My Life

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Being in my beginning of early adulthood, I am feeling grateful that my family and friends are still around me. I have the opportunity to study and develop myself with the aid of my family all this while, and of course my friends that I met in different stages of my life. I feel lucky that my parents are very supportive in anything I do. We are actually a typical Chinese family where negative bias is stronger in communication and thoughts, but I understand it is actually an implicit intention of protecting each other from harm. On the other hand, they are very understanding of my choices and behaviour, like my choice in joining any kinds of school activities and my choice in pursuing Psychology degree. Since little, I was more of a securely attached child. My parents told me that, when I was a toddler, they could leave me to my relatives back in both my paternal and maternal hometown for a few days, without crying and throwing…show more content…
I have a group of friends from secondary school that we are still in contact with each other. All of us still share with each other on our current situation, and are very supportive to each other. For example, we attended a friend’s university activity to give her our collective support. Of course, I have three friends who I am exclusively close with. We talk to each other more often, and understand more details of each other compared to the rest of the friends in the group. I trust them very much, where I can feel free to share my personal thoughts and concerns, future plans and also random ideas with them. In addition, I would ask for their advice when I am confused to make decisions. Inversely, they would share the similar things with me. I am contented to become someone’s ear and to be supportive to them whenever they need it. It is partly a reason of reciprocity of kindness among us, and also it is a blessing to have friends willing to rely on

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