Personal Development In Yann Martel's Atonement

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McEwan was born in England the 21th of June in 1948; He published Atonement in 2001 which was adapted into an Oscar-winning film. The scenarios were before world war two took place where Briony (Emily’s younger daughter) has a great imagination since her nativity doesn’t allow her to understand different situations. The plot of the story is that everything that a person says with bad intentions and without knowledge of the situation is going to finish destroying the life of innocents. Both Yann Martel’s novel Life of Pi and Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement show the influence of parents in defining the main character personal development. To begin, the unlike parents show diverse reactions to their child’s passions and maturation. Pi learns a techniques for dealing with menace from his father. As a result of the discipline installed in Pi he: “learned the lesson that an animal is an animal, essentially and practically removed from us, twice: once with Father and once with Richard Parker.” It is necessary for Pi’s father to teach him a lesson in this radical manner. Since Pi father’s is the owner of a zoo, and since he has two kids that are normally in the zoo a lot of their time, The has to teach the kids, in some way, that the animals in the zoo are very dangerous. Continuously, having a life with two irresponsible parents causes Emily Tallis’ to spoil her child Briony which later leads to her lifelong atonement. In other words, there is not a strong character Emily. “She

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