Personal Development M2

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M2) Analyse the personal development needed to run the business successfully
In this assignment, I will try to analyse the personal development needed to run the business successfully.
Communication skills
To begin with, I believe that I possess a set of skills which will allow me to run my business efficiently. For instance, over the years, I have effectively developed my communication skills by joining the debate club, which has also given a boost to my self-confidence. This skill will be of utmost importance in my business, as being the owner, I will have to be able to communicate with my employees to ensure that they are aware of the tasks that they are expected to complete. The ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing
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This will enable me to manage my time more productively and effectively. Given that at college, I have to continuously meet deadlines, I have become used to working tirelessly towards the completion of an assignment in order to get the work done before the deadline. I feel like this could be very beneficial in my business as I will know how to prioritise my time and make sure that the suppliers are paid on time, the stocks are ordered accordingly, the store is opened at the right time, the employees are on time, etc. I can further improve this skill, by making to-do-lists regularly on stick notes, so that I have a planned schedule of which tasks have to be executed and when based on their importance. One way of improving my time management is by mostly blocking any unproductive activities such as internet browsing or social media during working times. This will allow me to keep track of more important tasks and activities that are taking place around my store. Furthermore, another efficient way of achieving this is by setting targets for myself and my employees. Moreover, I could take the initiative to set a goal that I will not take any personal phone calls while I am working. This will also encourage my employees to also act similarly since me, the owner, I will be doing that, and thus it will significantly reduce time wastage and so that we can get as much work as it is possible. Time management is a versatile skills which can improve the overall efficiency of my GameHouse Café business. When I manage my time, I will feel more accountable in developing objectives, sticking to a plan, and achieving targets. This skill will allow me to determine how I should delegate roles in the business in order to accomplish each task in a set time. If I do not make an effort to improve my time management skills, I could potentially get carried away with other tasks and not address the important issues first,
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