Personal Development Profile

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DiSC Assessments have been used worldwide by over 42 million people to build self – awareness and to improve the effectiveness of their interaction with the environment, improvising based on the context and situation. DiSC has proven its mettle in being the right tool for trainers and coaches to provide facilitation through intervention par excellence. With its deep insights on behavioural adaptation DiSC helps trainers build the right training ambience getting them to understand and adapt their training style to the learner’s learning style. DiSC has a spectrum of tools which can be used by trainers to foster professional development, increase managerial effectiveness, build team cohesion and coach leaders to grow par excellence. The Everything…show more content…
The assessment is administered through a series of 28 questions, the responses of which are used to predict behavioural styles. DiSC Personal Development Profile can be used in situation where it may be difficult to gain easy access to computer systmes and internet or where there is a major cost crunch. DiSC Personal Profile uses DISC insights, concepts and learning to get across to more people, helping them to use their deeper understanding of self to improve behavioural effectiveness. These insights lead to professional development and increase managerial effectiveness building better relationships. The Personal Development Profile outlines a workable plan for developing oneself and hence is a popular tool in coaching and career planning. The Personal development Profile can be used by employees at all levels of your organisation to manage various facets like team building, relationship management, customer service, interpersonal interaction and conflict resolution. Content for C -888 Classic Paper Profile
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