Personal Development Reflection

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I have reviewed an article about personal development by Steve Pavlina, and it gave me a few good ideas and tips of how to improve my personal development. By reading the experience of him, he stated that when he went to the college, he set a goal for him to graduate in three semesters, while he took the classes that people usually need to take up to four years to complete. Meanwhile, he succeed to achieve his goals because of the he has a very good time management in his head. I personally agree with the way he did it and admired him. In order to achieve his goals, he required managing his time well. His daily routines are just like a normal student, he got enough sleep everyday, had his social life, and he also got time to do some exercise every morning. He even got himself a full time job in his final year. Because of the time management techniques he had, he got to accomplish his goals without sacrifice anything that is important to a teenager.
Steve Pavlina said that clarity is the key. The quote he learnt from Tae Kwan Do is “Your goal is become a black belt.” It doesn’t only act like a motivation and inspiration; it helped to remind the student when they are accepting the harsh training from the trainer. You must define your goals and know your destination as clarity as possible. If you yourself can’t even tell what is the goal of your life, then what is the point for doing things that you aren’t clear for? Besides that, you need to be flexible for yourself. I agreed
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