Personal Development: The Importance Of Personality Development

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The old Chinese saying “as you sow, so you reap” complementary to the Chinese idiom “one’s personality is fixed at the age of three and inferable to the late adulthood of eighties”, a doctrine my mother taught to me that embedded firmly in my ideology in childhood. This believe also generalizes that the personality is primary of nature but not nurture and cannot change over time. Whilst, there are empirical evidences in psychology to support that personality development is important in all the lifespan stages, just as infant stage is critical in shaping one’s personality, so too childhood and adult stages are essential in altering personality through experience and learning. Parenting and family back ground play fundamental roles in personality development, especially in a traditional Chinese family like us. Specifically, mom has atypical personality which has brought great impact to my personality too, not least at my early developmental stages. Mom was born in a middle income family. Unfortunately, she received very poor nursing because her mother had prolonged Lochia (vaginal bleeding) after her birth. She was then sent to foster home but was returned to her family at the age of four after her dad passed away. There was no breastfeeding and bonding with caregiver was weak. Mom is a “furious tiger mom”, always stay firm in authoritarian and maintain submissiveness never is negotiable. She did not receive breastfeeding and lacking of intimate nursing relationship at
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