Personal Developmental Autobiography

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For my Personal Developmental Autobiography, I choose to talk about my journey through the adolescence developmental stage. The Adolescence Developmental Stage is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. During this stage so many things happen. Puberty has already happened or is about to happen. Being interested in the opposite sex and going on dates happen. Some teenagers are having sex. Some teenagers start working during this time. Some teenagers later in adolescences start college application and prepare for graduations. I believe that the adolescence stage covers so much and is a huge transition. I decided to talk about several important changes …show more content…

Not having a dad in my life made dating even more hard. I felt that I didn’t know what type of boy I should be dating. My mom didn’t talk to me about sex so I never understood how that work. I remember having sex education classes in 9th grade and that is where I learned about sex and dating. When I went off to college, I remember guys wanted to date me and I felt that I wasn’t ready because I didn’t understand my body or dating or even sex. I wished that my mom talked to me more about dating and they type of person I should be looking for and the type of person I shouldn’t. I wish she would have talked to me about how I would know if I was ready for dating or sex. I know it has to be awkward for parents to talk about these kind of things with adolescences but I think that it is …show more content…

I went through almost all of the changes that adolescences face. Even with My Virtual Child, I found that my experiences were similar. That makes me feel that my experiences were normal. I think we all go through these changes but the experiences are different for each one of us. I think that I learned a lot about myself during this stage and it has made me into the person I am today. My hope is that when I become a parent that I will be more informed because I had this class and that I will be able to understand my child more. I hope that I will be able to look at the signs to know if something is wrong. I hope that puberty for my daughter (if I have one) will go more smoothly than mine. My biggest hope is that my child will be able to communicate with me about his/her

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