Reflection On Acceptance Of Personal Diversity

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Life is extremely short, however not extremely simple. We as humans have been allotted such short amount of time to go from knowing just the basics of survival, to having survival being the last problem that we are worried about and attempt to learn every aspect this universe has to offer. We have been able to work with others despite the many differences throughout history, and learn from previous mistakes to avoid catastrophe in the future. Today’s society is granted the ability to affect the entire world and life as a whole, and we must continuously learn and gain experience from one another in order to succeed to the highest degree. This is why teaching our youth about acceptance of diversity is such an important task, especially individuals that will be the leaders for tomorrow’s organizations.
Personal Diversity Story
Diversity is a subject that I use to look past, and not
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A large amount of credit is due to my outstanding Drill Sergeants, work environments, and this University. I had taken ethnic politics last semester which, the professor opened my eyes to a large amount of issues that had been unseen to me before, as well as enforcing me to realize both sides of political issues that revolves around minorities. I am less ignorant than I was a few years prior, as well as more open-minded to a majority of public issues. My college experience has also changed my views for the better. Even if it’s just hanging out with friends, I am much more comfortable around diverse groups than I ever was, and have no fear starting a conversation with someone that is different to me. I used to fear talking to different people, but one of my best friends in the dorms was African American which made me much more comfortable. He was one of the sincerest individuals I have ever had a pleasure to meet, and I am glad he made that immense impact on my life as it will benefit my future
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