Personal Educational Goals

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Reflecting on my personal and educational goals I believe UNCW, Wilmington will not only allow me to grow as a student or person, but will create new challenges in my life that will lead to fulfilling my goal of becoming a successful woman someday. Growing up in a small town off the Coast of Maine, I have grown up learning to do things on my own and that things in life aren 't handed to you. Since I was able to work I have been; racking blueberries, hauling lobster traps, digging for clams, working in diners, and much more. I have learned to be independent and to not have to rely on others. The one thing in life I have always wanted is to be able make something of myself and to build a successful future and not have to stress or struggle. I was the first in my family to graduate high school and the first to move on to a post secondary school. I knew that the only way I was going to be able to create the life I envision was to work hard for it and put myself through college. I am currently enrolled at the University of Southern Maine with an undeclared major. I have not yet decided on a career path and have been…show more content…
When doing research on the school I was quick to grow fond of it and by what I have read about UNCW it is most defiantly where I trust I should be and is where I can see myself building a future and creating a life. The wide range of academics the school offers and the endless opportunities I will have are astounding. I have always been a person interested in travel and I have always liked an adventure and UNCW offers great international programs that can allow me to do that. I know UNCW, Wilmington is the best school for me and I see myself finding who I want to be and being able to become that person. My main goal in life is to be successful and UNCW is the school that is going to allow me to do
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