Personal Entitlement: A Career As A Personal Experience

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As a twenty one year old recently graduated engineer entering the work place in 2010, I honestly thought that life is good. I have a job, I’m earning decent money and every now and then there will be a promotion on the cards - a sense of entitlement maybe on my part. Only after being in the work place for a few months did I realise that there is no entitlement, the degree got me in the door but hard work is the only thing that will get me promoted. Of course at that stage money was the only driver I had. I then put my head down and worked hard for the next 2 years and before I knew it I was promoted to principal engineer. At this point in time I am obviously satisfied, but after a few months of being an engineer I now somehow think that I can manage the department better than my boss, so I silently crave this promotion. Over the next 5 years I continue to work hard and through some restructuring in my work area I get the promotion in February 2016. I have never had anyone report to me in the past and now I have 30 people under me. This transformation from working in isolation as an engineer to managing people was greater than I anticipated. I came to the realisation very quickly that my selfish way of being prior to this promotion would not help me achieve the goals and ambitions I have. Being driven by money and status would not get me anywhere close to accomplishing my ideal self. The one thing I did know about myself is that once I know what is required to achieve certain

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