Personal Entrepreneurial Characteristics

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STUDENT REG NO: Personal Entrepreneurial Characteristics (PEC)
Personal Entrepreneurial Characteristics (PEC) of successful entrepreneurs refer to the desired traits, which enable an entrepreneur to do what is expected of him/her and succeed in business. It is the combination of these characteristics that is required to enable anyone to perform effectively as an entrepreneur. Here are ten traits of the successful entrepreneur. 1. Opportunity seeking
This refers to the quality that enables the entrepreneur to see and act upon new business opportunities even in situations where other people see nothing but problems/hopelessness only. It also encourages him/her to seize unusual opportunities for obtaining the necessary resources such as financing, equipment, land, workspace, technical assistance etc which will enable him/her to implement his/her business ideas. 2. Commitment to the work contract
This is the ability to accept final responsibility for completing a job for the customers. Customers expect entrepreneurs to perform and honour their commitments. It follows therefore that the entrepreneur should do everything possible to ensure that he/she fulfills the commitment with his/her customers. It means joining the workers to work with them to ensure that contractual commitments are fulfilled, the entrepreneur will do it. 3. Persistence This is the quality, which enables the entrepreneurs to develop determination to have a thorough job done at any cost in terms of
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