Personal Essay: 100-State Championship Baseball Game Against Albert Lea

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It was a scorching 100 degree summer day. It was the start of the 11 year state championship baseball game against Albert Lea, I still remember that game like it was yesterday. It was miserable out we played three games that day before reaching the state championship. When the game started I kind of forgot about how hot it was out. We started fast scoring 2 runs in the top of the 1st inning Dylan and Reno each crossed the plate that inning. Derek took the hill to pitch, he started with 2 strikeouts and a lazy fly ball to left field. Then I was up to start the top of the second inning and I watched the first two pitches pass for balls and then on the third pitch of the at bat I hit a line drive to left field for a single but the next three batters all got out. Tanner got up and said “Lets hold this lead boys.” “Yea!” the team replied. “Ok boys we are up 2 runs we need to keep playing good defense” coach stated Moving forward to…show more content…
It was a inning ending double play. I was starting to feel that we could do this and that we could actually win this game. But we knew it would be difficult without any of our good pitchers being available to pitch. It was the final inning of the game we had our best pitcher on the team out to throw the last inning. We all thought this was going to be an easy win from hear. “We easily got this” Dylan shouted at me over from first base “I know we just gotta get three outs” I hollered back The first pitch was a strike right up the middle no chance for me or derek to get to, on the very next pitch the runner stole second base. “Lets bounce back boys” Coach yelled from the bench. “Ya guys were good” Derek
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