Personal Essay: A Baseball Experience

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The touch on the brim of the hat and a slide across the waist. The call for a bunt my dad had used every year when he coached me in baseball. This year was my first year of kid pitch during the fall ball season. My team was oakland athletics and we were playing the Kansas city royals. I would soon learn a life lesson that I still use till this day. Even if you fail in life, if you learn from your mistakes you can prevent the chances of failure. “Play ball,” yelled the umpire to start the game. Later in the game it was my second time up to the plate, and I was ready to get on base once again. The pitcher for the other team was one of my good friends from school now. Looking down the third base line towards my dad that was the third base coach he called for a bunt. Although as I got older it was harder for me to place a good bunt, when I was younger I could place down a great bunt if it were a good pitch. Intimidated by my friend on the mound for his fast pitching, I stepped into the box. With my heart …show more content…

Everyone began to cheer and the crowd was roaring. In this moment, time felt as if it just kept getting slower and slower the more I ran. The baseline seemed as if it were an endless race I would never finish. As I passed first I see the ball go over my head. The ball had been thrown over the first baseman's head and I saw an opportunity. Off to second I went in the blink of an eye. About halfway down the the second baseline I see my dad out of the corner of my eye. He is on third base motioning for me to round second and go to third. As I am just about to slide in I see the third baseman go to catch the ball. I slid in creating a huge cloud of dirt and in the midst of this I hear a loud “OUT”. Instantly my dad got angry with the umpire because I had been safe and many other people did not agree with the call. He told me “great job maybe next time” as I walked back to the

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