Personal Essay: A Career As A Chorus Player

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Imagine sweat dripping down your face, you 're marching in your hometown parade wearing a full outfit of polyester in sweltering hot weather. Or in late October when the weather is brisk, and you’re ready to take the field for competition with snot dripping from your nose because now the polyester does nothing to keep you warm. Maybe those times weren 't the most enjoyable but I can honestly say that I would never trade it for the world. 4 years ago, I joined the high school marching band. It was the end of my eighth grade year and I was playing junior high volleyball. In the past I always considered myself as an athlete either trying or playing every sport in the book. Did I enjoy playing sports? Sure it had it’s perks, but did I love it as much as making music? Not even close. Eighth period I had chorus class. My chorus teacher who was also the assistant band…show more content…
The next year I signed up for my second complete season and we came out victorious yet again. I have now been through two full seasons and nearing the end of my tenth grade year. Our drum major was graduating and our directors announced that they were holding auditions. I had an interest in auditioning, I wanted to try something new. Being only my second year and also being in the percussion section I didn 't think my chances of getting the position were great. I decided to sign up and go through the audition process. I ended up getting the position and having the privilege to be the drum major. One of the questions someone asked me was “Why do you want to be drum major?”. I wanted to demonstrate leadership by setting an example for the other kids. I wanted to be an advocate for the band. I wanted to be a role model to the younger kids like the past older kids have been to me. Becoming drum major has taught me how to be a better musician and person all around. I’ve learned to come out of my shell and try my hardest to succeed at a goal. I truly believe becoming drum major has turned me into a better
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