Personal Essay: A Career As A Speech Pathologist

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While the medical field has always intrigued me, having compassion and helping others has always come naturally to me. After working alongside a speech pathologist in the hospital, it has become my greatest ambition and goal in life, to become a well-rounded, competent, and versatile speech pathologist. I truly aspire this, because I want to have a great impact on someone’s life. I want to be the person who inspired them, and motivated them to keep going. I really want to have the feeling of knowing that because of me a person can communicate with the world. I always see videos of children, and adults speaking for the first time, after working with an SLP, and the look on their face is just priceless! That is when you know that you have done your job, and made a difference in someone else’s life, and that is the feeling I hope to someday have.
And most importantly, I want to make my family proud! Throughout these past 4 years, I have had so many hardships in my life, from having a high risk pregnancy, to my husband getting laid off and only having $12 to our name, and having to decide between buying my son diapers or formula. But the worst one of all was my mother getting diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Thankfully my mom is cancer free
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All of the setbacks I have had, and obstacles that life has thrown at me, have only made my determination, my will power, and me even stronger. Once I have set my mind on something, I do not give up until I achieve and accomplish it. With my hard work and dedication, I know that I will excel in graduate school. As a graduate student, I am eager and anxious to expand on my knowledge and experiences in speech pathology. I have the motivation and passion, that I know that in combination with the knowledge from a master's degree at UTRGV with its 100% passing rate for 8 years in a row, will help me achieve my goals and will allow me to make a difference and an impact in people’s
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