Personal Essay: A Career As A Tennis Player

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Most of us find it difficult to figure out what is our talent. My talent is playing tennis. Once I joined the famous sport called tennis, it shape me to be more responsible, extremely active, and furthermore have respect win or lose. The year of my sophomore I was allowed to tryout for varsity tennis and have been in the varsity leader team for three years. This type of sport has put me to the test to be more responsible, knowing i would have more homework, practice, and carry chores that has to deal with tennis plus my duties at home. I am the type of person that hates to be behind in work so, I learn how to manage my time. Knowing the games would fall during school days I would have to miss one or two days however, I am proud of myself I was able to maintain a high GPA. Sports can teach you one or more things about yourself, I became more responsible on how to manage my time. Although, without sport I would have not known how active I can be. I once was lazy but, now that I found tennis in my life, I am really active, for example, practicing two hours with my team after school, I would continue my practice for another hour or so with friends. Tennis has motivated me to keep on moving, this sport has made me to be fit for my health and create a new line of friends to compete with. I take my activeness to volunteer in the Ten and under tennis and…show more content…
When you play tough matches that last about two hours or more every part of you is tested. Being in tennis you have to shake your opponent 's hand win or lose. Tennis has taught me how to control my anger and to always be the better person. I learn how to respect my coaches because all they do is try to help us improve mentally and emotionally. Also, I understand that not everyone one is taught to have good sportsmanship, but one of us have to be respectable. I will always remind myself to treat others the way you would want to be
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