Personal Essay: A Career In Social Work

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A lot of times we ask ourselves to imagine what our life would be like if we were unable to experience some of the fortunate things in life. We simply just scoff at it, as if it could never happen to us or someone close to us. I never really took a deeper look into how unfortunate experiences have shaped my life because I was fortunate enough to have parents who loved me unconditionally and taught me to be better. However, their pasts and the stories have pushed me to be someone’s advocate and support system because no one should have to feel insignificant. Growing up, I was an only child who lived with my mother, father, and maternal grandmother. My father was one of five children with a very strict father, who wanted…show more content…
However, as a social worker, I can help someone shift their frame of mind and help develop their toolkit to tap into and better cope with their anxieties. My decision to pursue a career in social work is one that I hold dear to my well-being. It will not only make me a better person, but those around me will have someone they trust and believe in. My intent is to work with children and families that have experienced trauma such as abuse, have been sexually abused, and help those feel comfortable in their own skin. Sympathizing with victims, researching the degree of rape in one’s community, the shame that a person may feel, working with individuals who may not know who they are yet, past trauma a person experienced which led them to where they are now, are only a few of the goals I would work and continue to work on as my repertoire would grow. I feel sexuality is a sensitive subject for most and I want to help shed light and educate those around me. Too many individuals are underrepresented, and this often leads to depression, eating disorders, seclusion, and often the object of ridicule amongst other things in a person’s life. It is imperative there is an open discussion as well as

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