Personal Essay: A Celebration Of Success

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A Celebration of Success Colin Powell once said, “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” I have always envisioned myself as a strong, independent woman venturing off to defend my client in a court of law, or, in much simpler terms, I have always seen myself as a lawyer, the lawyer. The lawyer requires a set of values to be successful. She has to be able to withstand the failures that will come during her career. The lawyer will need the passion and competitiveness to fight for what is right to build her reputation. And she will have to be meaningful purpose in the lives of the clients she will defend. I know that I will become this lawyer because of the set of values I have obtained through my tennis, friends, and family. These three components will allow to be me successful. Imagine stepping to the baseline of the tennis court, ready to serve.…show more content…
In fact, each year, a group of my friends and I take part in a state math competiton, better known as Math/Science. We study all year to achieve a better ranking than the year we did before. What drives this competitive group of achievers? Each other. Though we’d hate to admit it, our friends are the reason why we are incredibly successful. They push us to our extremes to be successful because all we really desire to be is the best, top ranked kid in our group. So as our state competition nears closer and closer to us, our competitive spirit drives us even more to succeed. My groups of friends has allowed me to realize that competitiveness are the wheels to success. It drives you through a path of obstacles and speed bumps until you finally reach the finish line. The lawyer I see utilizes her competitiveness she gained through her childhood friends to drive past the speed bumps and detours to reach a rightful verdict for her

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