Personal Essay: A Sport That Changed My Life

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Essay 1
I never thought this sport would change me, and shape me to the person I am now. I didn’t start at a young age like most athletes did I started around high school in my sophomore year, and what got me into it was that I wanted to try something new maybe I could potentially be good at it. And it changed my whole experience of sports that I’ve done, and this sport was wrestling which shaped me into the person I am now. It gave me confidence, showed me what motivation is, and it also showed me what dedication felt like.
Growing up I had really bad confidence in myself, and wrestling helped me build my confidence it was always so hard to believe in myself at times. I would also struggle to try new things new hobbies, or new sports because I would either bring myself down, and would say I won’t be good at it, or I’ll embarrass myself, and people would laugh, and judge me. But then I heard some of my guy friends talk about wrestling and it seemed interesting, classified as an intense sport, and it also seemed hard, but something inside told me to try it
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I won two boys, and one girl that was also the first time I ever wrestled a girl there is not many girls in this sport for wrestling in high school. My coaches were proud of me for winning the girl. In other match I won was a boy he got disqualified, and that’s how I won he was doing illegal moves that weren’t allowed. It was a good match and I didn’t give up even though I knew I didn’t win that match by pinning the person down or by points it was still a win that I felt confident about. In my very last match which was this other boy I won, and that was a very intense match and so long too. I will never forget this match because it was the very first one I won against a
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