Personal Essay: Act Of Courage: Physical And Height

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Act of Courage

Have you ever felt so small? It might have been physically or mentally. For myself, I stay vertically challenged on a daily basis. The obstacle that took time to overcome was learning how to accept my height. I genuinely did not like being midget sized and wanted to be an average height. Later, as I grew older and wiser, I learned how to show courage through my height and started to have a different perspective on it. I wanted to let people, who are short like I, feel comfortable in themselves. Not only for the people who are undersized, but for tall people as well. It does not matter how tall or itty-bitty you are.

I showed courage by accepting the height I have compared to other people. It took a long time for oneself to
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With this in mind, the first perk of being short is people who are taller than you always let you go in front of a crowd. Moreover, this is such a nice perk because you can always be seen in a picture and you can always see what is happening at a specific event. Correspondingly, people might think you are younger than you are actually are. Thus, this is very helpful whenever there is a discount for kids at restaurants or other places. Continuing, a perk of being mini is you can always fit the clothes and shoes in the kid's section. Who needs to shop in the other sections when you have such fashionable clothes that are affordable? Knowing your height, you can squeeze through narrow places and fit in miniature places. Therefore, hide and seek or limbo should be very easy for you and your fellow short friends. Frequently, I always enjoyed telling other people about these perks to surprise them, and being able to do this encourages contrasting people to be even more blessed about everything I have been given. There are days where I still wish I desire the same height as my classmates, but as I mentioned, embracing who you are is crucial when you want to accept yourself. Generally speaking, there are so many perks to being short, then the ones that I have
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