The Importance Of Personal Goals

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I have a lot of personal goals set that are attainable for me but require effort to be put behind them. Some of my goals fall in the academic category but, most fall into the athletics field. I think the reason I set goals in these two fields forsay is because I know that any goal set under these categories cannot and will not be reached without doing some work. For example, there is no NFL player or coach that has not worked their butt off their whole life to get where they are now heck some even get up at 5;30 in the morning to go get some extra workouts in because their dedicated and that is what goals are all about. To reach a goal you have to be fully dedicated there is no well im tired so im not gonna work hard today. You have to wake up every morning and say im gonna work harder than anyone else even if it kills me.

My goals for academics are normal goals for some like one of mine is get all A's all year. I'll be the first one to tell you doing this isn't easy by any means but I know if I work hard at it and do my best on every paper
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I love sports. One of my goals is to start my tenth grade year and I know without working my butt off everyday in there I'm not gonna be reaching my goals and am gonna be a benchwarmer all year but, like I've been saying if I do what I need to the best I can do them I might start who knows. Another one of my goals is to squat more than 200 pounds before next season. I know your thinking what's this kids problem what so great about squatting. Well to me it's not about squatting that much it's about being up there with the top kids who lift a lot and about getting stronger everyday. For example, I bench pressed 75 pounds for three years but I had a goal last year when coach May got here that I was gonna go up and within a year of working my butt off and lifting the best I could I went up 30 pounds which made me pretty proud of
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