Personal Essay: Ask Your Crush About His Longest Relationship

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1. Ask your crush about his longest relationship. Asking, “What is longest relationship you have ever had?” is really a helpful one for you because you will know if your crush is serious about relationships or not. It is not that you and your crush will quickly jump into a relationship, but this is also a better way to know him more. Is your crush a playboy or not? This question will help you understand him. However, if your crush just always had short-term relationships, it does not mean that he/she is a playboy/playgirl. There is a tendency that he/she has always been cheated on by his/her partner. However, he/she may really be a player. Well, no one can really dictate you regarding your feelings. So, whether your crush is a player or…show more content…
Ask your crush about his/her wishes and ambitions. Wishes and ambitions are the realities of life. There is no man who does not have life’s wishes and ambitions. These things make a man strive hard in his life and that is for the better. So, asking this question to your crush will make you understand him better and know about his/her perceptions in life. You can just ask one wish from your crush. Then, you will know what he/she yearns the most in his/her life. You can also ask about his/her ambitions in life. Through this, you will know what your crush wants to do and achieve later in the future. It would also be nice to know if you discover that you have the same dream and ambition as your crush. 6. Ask your crush about his/her ideal type. This question should definitely be included in the list of good questions to ask your crush. This is one of the frequent questions that are often asked by many people to their crushes. Asking his/her ideal type does not necessarily mean that you will change yourself to fit in to that. This will just let you know the types that he/she likes. Just remember that, many people may have his/her ideal type but there is always an exception. It means that you don’t have to change yourself in order for you to be liked. Just bear in mind that, it is better to be yourself than pretend in front of

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