Personal Essay: Baseball In My Life

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Think Big Leagues When I play baseball with my friends I have lots of fun, but imagine what it would be like to play on a professional team. My parents dream for me is to be successful and happy, but I have had an interest in baseball since I was four years old. I remember waking up ready to go play a tournament in the fresh summer air. When I watch the games on T.V, Mike Trout always stood out to me. To be a professional just like him, I would have to work as hard as him to get to the pros. Baseball has taught me things about life, and everytime I step on the field, I have a good time. My dream was always to play baseball professionally, but it is very hard to get into pro baseball. I love watching pro baseball, and playing baseball for my team. My parents support me now when I have a tournament or a different game. I know every time I step on the field, my parents will support me. If I continue to play, which I would love to do, my parents will be their for me through the highs and the lows. I want to play high school baseball for the varsity team. If I make the varsity team, I know if my school work is good, I can make a good college for baseball. College for me is to go to school and get a major in a topic I like. But, if I can play baseball for a school, that would be great for chasing my dream of playing pro baseball. Baseball…show more content…
It will be a long road to becoming a professional player, but I will be ready for any roadblocks that come my way. The one thing that I need to do to become a better baseball player is to practice. I will need to put time and effort into becoming the best player I can be. Another thing I will have to do is go to the gym and workout. To get strong I will have to work out so I can hit when I play. The last thing I will have to do is eat and drink healthy. I will have to go on a diet so I can train really
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