Personal Essay: Being A Dental Assistant

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Being a Dental Assistant Dental Assistants can help change a person’s life in many ways. Dental assistants provide their patients a way to stay healthy within oral activities while also providing general happiness to a patient. Assistants work hand in hand with a dental hygienist observing, supporting, and caring for the patients need, whenever they need them. They work with tools, sit and stand long periods per day, and work in one of the dirtiest places on the human body, the mouth (Summary). Dental Assistants practice safety measures, just like any other doctor would, to assure the safety of themselves, along with the safety of their patients and organs that are being worked on from infectious diseases. They wear goggles, gloves,…show more content…
Not only do crooked or gapped teeth contribute to anxiety also yellowing and visible cavities make people hesitant to do simple things. Things that dental assistants do to help people be more confident in their smiles are whitening and cleaning teeth. I would be able to give people a whiter, fresher, and more healthy smile without them having to go under anesthesia unless they needed something like a root canal. I love to help people, by being an assistant versus an actual dentist, I would be the person who knows the patient the best and would be with them from the time they are to the time they leave. Essentially, I would be the person to do everything but perform a procedure on the patient, including, taking pictures of their teeth, x-rays, cleaning, whitening, and asking the questions about their oral health. Alos, if a patient had/has braces, I would be the one to check retainers, take off wires, repair damaged hardware for their mouth, make new retainer, and but new rubber bands around their brackets. Being a dental assistant combines focus, physical fitness, a caring heart, and precision, all in
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