Personal Essay: Being A Step Parent

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Being a step parent
Being a parent has its ups and downs, challenges that come and go; some that you can easily forget while others will change your life forever. However, as a parent, when you see your child accomplishing targets in life and making progress, you feel so proud to have participated in the upbringing and the molding of the child.
Being a step parent is more or less the same, although there are more challenges involved, but with more challenges, there are more rewards to gain once the challenges are overcome and this leads to a greater feeling of pride and accomplishment.
You may have married a partner, who already has a child or children, or your family may have merged with other children and you find yourself in a situation
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Having house rules is important especially if you are bringing together two families and therefore you have your biological children and your step children coming together. It is important to have rules and ensure that the rules apply to not only your stepchildren, but to your biological children as well. Your partner should help you I enforcing the house rules, and the parents should set a good example by ensuring that they follow the house rules that apply to them too.
Have respect for all parents
As a stepparent, you may have a former partner who is also a parent to your stepchild. It is important that you show respect for the other parent even if they are not nearby physically or they are deceased. Showing respect for the other parent will help to earn the respect of you stepchildren as well as facilitate smooth co-parenting, however if you do not respect the other parents, you will have a hard time relating with your step children.
Remember the bond between your stepchild and the other parent will probably be stronger than the bond between you and the child from the word go, considering the other parent is the child’s biological parent and has therefore known the child for

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