Personal Essay: Belonging Research

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I enjoy vegetable gardening, and it would make an appealing research topic to me because mastering it requires continued learning through additional research. My journey through gardening started with wanting a more a self sufficient and healthy lifestyle. Later, after I married a vegetarian, it was a natural progression to starting my own garden at home. Working in my garden relaxes me, it is almost like meditation, I really enjoy it. Furthermore, I have a compulsive, almost obsessive nature that is satisfied with the scientific aspects of gardening. I have achieved some amazing results with hydroponic gardening and the excitement of that success has led me deeper into this subject, wanting to learn more. Research is required to continue successful gardening, learning through that research and…show more content…
Gardening provides a large amount of research material filled with many perspectives and opinions of other gardeners. In addition, gardening has such a vast history and unrestricted future that seems to blur the lines between art and science at times. Offering many different angles to approach a research project from in many different media formats gardening provides unlimited resources to choose from. Surprising to me, gardening has become an unexpected passion of mine, and so has learning. Therefore, the ability to combine it with learning would make me a better gardener and hopefully a better writer. I don’t always know how to stop when it comes to gardening, and with writing, I don’t always know how to start. Thus, by bringing both gardening and writing together, perhaps I will find a balance within my academic studies and personal pursuits. There is personal fulfillment in gardening for me, so pursuing more knowledge about it, would making a perfect research project for my academic
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